Wondering what others have experienced when working with Jon Ugalde? Check out these references and client feedback!

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences Parent #2

Jon was a wonderful therapist and helped us see points that seems so common sense, but we couldn’t see them ourselves. He went over our time limit on multiple occasions when we were in the midst of a discussion helping us finalize our expectations instead of just cutting us off. We are able to see and relate to each other in a non-confrontational way due to Jon’s advice on communications.

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences Student #1

Jon is a great therapist who is able to ask the right questions to get you to really open up. He is one of the best listeners I know and will never stop working with you until the issue is resolved. He helped me learn a lot about myself that I thought was never possible.

Blackwater Outdoor Experiences Parent #1

Jon is an easy going, nonthreatening therapist who was skilled in drawing out the goals and feelings in [my son]. He developed a good rapport with the rest of [my son’s expedition group]. As a family, we can veer off track during the family sessions and Jon was good at keeping us on task and asking [my son] to plan his goals.

Laurie Carson

Jonathan Ugalde has been staff for Upstate New York Synod Youth CONVO for several years. His is the calm and steady voice when drama and tension might otherwise have their way. Jon is always ready with words of wisdom and maturity. His wide range of gifts and talents, along with sincere lack of judgment of others, is a great asset to any gathering. All that, coupled with a deep faith in Jesus Christ, makes him a great staff member.

Tink Rabey-Hall

Jon worked for me as a Program Assistant and Assistant Counselor. He is an enthusiastic, caring individual, who genuinely loves God and kids! Jon was always willing to do what needed to be done, pitched in to help, and was incredibly gifted when it came to working as a part of a team (pulled his own weight, helped others as appropriate, listened, gave good feedback, and “played well with others”). It was a joy to work with Jon and I am sure you will feel the same way if you get the opportunity!