Projects & Research

Below are a list of Projects that I have either completed or am working on. If you would like to collaborate on a project please contact me through the use of the contact form. Otherwise, if you are interested in ways that I can help you or your business please check out my services pages.

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Professional Resource List

As part of my interest in Adventure Therapy and Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare I have compiled a list of resources that are helpful for those who are thinking about entering the Adventure Therapy/Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare field as well as those professionals who are already in the field.

To view the list of resources click here

Resources for Positive Interaction with Children and Adolescence

Development of a resource page that includes resources created by myself and others that are helpful in learning how to engage children and adolescence in a positive and uplifting manner.

This resource is currently password protected and under development.

Role-Playing Games Use in Encouraging Development

As part of my experience in summer camp I have found that you can modify pen and paper role-playing games in order to make them playable by individuals who are ages 10 and up. From this experience I have created a template on how to introduce and run role-playing game sessions for campers of all ages that allows for free form exploration and the development of social skills.

Effectiveness of Communicating Opinion in Cross-Gendered Friendships

An undergraduate independent study that focused on the Effectiveness of communication in Cross Gendered Friendships by looking at the length of phrases and connotation of words. A poster presentation of this research was done at the Eastern Psychological Conference in New York City in Spring 2013.

Effectiveness of Communicating Opinion in Cross Gender Communication Research Paper 2-26-2013

To learn more about this research feel free to contact me.