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The Role of Anxiety Master

Now I have been a Dungeons and Dragons player for awhile now and have even Dungeon Mastered some adventures. This article makes me wonder if this could be applied in an individual, group, or family therapy type of intervention for people who are really imaginative.

Obviously more research and more connections need to be made before such a thing could occur but what do you think?

The Role of Anxiety Master


2 thoughts on “The Role of Anxiety Master”

  1. People are starting to realize D&D can be an awesome teaching tool for a myriad of concepts: math, writing, history, conflict resolution, developing interpersonal skills, empathy, leadership skills, I have even read about a teacher using D&D as a tool to help his kids develop conversational foreign language skills.


  2. I would appreciate any information you have regarding this because I have taught dungeons and dragons in developmentally appropriate ways to campers this past summer and saw awesome changes in how they acted and grew throughout their week in camp.


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