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Sirius Project – Mental Health Recovery


Sirius is a collaborative project for people with mental health issues and their carers. Our aim is to share the things that have helped us through our blog, resource lists, forums and bookstore. Anyone with past or present experience of a mental health problem, or of caring for someone with a mental health problem, is welcome to contribute.

We are a recovery-focused website, but we take a flexible view on what recovery looks like and how to get there. We are all about individuals figuring out what works for them and finding their own path, whether this means complete remission of symptoms, learning to manage your condition, building a meaningful life, healing from childhood trauma – or something else.

Sirius was originally founded in 2003 as a website and forums for people who self-harm. In 2011, in recognition of the fact that many of our members had moved on from self-harm but were still living with other issues, we decided to broaden our focus to mental health in general. At the same time, we chose to make our website a more collaborative project and give it the focus on sharing ideas and resources which our forums have always had.

The other day I posted a testimonial of an alternative to self-harm. A friend responded letting me know about the Sirius Project. The description above is from the collaborative website focused on recovery. These forums have been helpful to many people since 2003 and I would like to point out that if YOU or ANYONE you know is using this site CONSIDER seeing a MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL.

If you want to check out more dealing with the Sirius Project go to

Sirius Project – Mental Health Recovery


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