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Counselors, Advocacy, and You


As Counselors and other individuals we are able to advocate for various topics and issues that are affecting our world from being the best that it can be. A lot of times in the mental health field advocacy involves fighting discrimination and bias while other times it can look like trying to open doors for anyone and everyone that you can.

The American Counseling Association has some initiatives that as a professional counselor you are able to get behind. These initiatives can be checked out by going to:

Some the current issues that the American Counseling Association is working on are:

  1. Medicare Coverage of Licensed Professional Counselors
  2. Reducing Student to Counselor Ratios
  3. Mental Health Service Accessibility in Schools

Besides the American Counseling Association there are other organizations and groups that are working for a better tomorrow for various groups of people. Check out some of these organizations to find out how you can help out and do your own advocacy:

  1. Students Advocating for Gender Equality
  2. Health Care Reform Groups: AARP
  3. Other Health Care Reform Groups:
  4. Children’s Defense Fund:
  5. Other Children and Youth Advocacy:
  6. National Association of Veteran Advocates:
  7. National Council of Women’s Organizations and their member organizations:
  8. Children and Adults with ADHD:
  9. National Organization of Victim Assistance:

If you have any advocacy groups or causes that are important to you feel free to click the “submit” link to get some content about that organization on this blog.


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