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True Life: I’m a professional camp counselor

As I was searching the internet to find whether there are people out there that consider themselves professional camp counselors I ran into Candra’s blog on

Candra describes how although she doesn’t have a profession as listed by a government agency she would still call herself a professional camp counselor due to her experiences and everything she has gotten out of those experiences. If you have never been a camp counselor or you are camp counselor that can identify I would recommend checking this out.

I like Candra can identify with the feeling that although there isn’t a professional listing for being a camp counselor at the moment that you can feel like a professional camp counselor when you have been doing the work for years and see how it impacts children’s lives.

Camp Counseling will always be something that I bring into my professional counseling and I think has prepared me with interpersonal skills and practice before I entered into a mental health counseling program.

True Life: I’m a professional camp counselor


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