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Counselors and the clinical staging model | Counseling Today

It is known that as counselors and other mental health workers we focus on helping our clients become more stable in their lives. In a recent article in Counseling Today we are told about a dislike for how the DSM-5 does not adequately address issues regarding at risk youth and the development of certain disorders like borderline personality disorder. You can check out this article yourself by clicking the link above.

I believe that the DSM-5 does address this issue adequately by describing that there is a need for a pervasive attitude towards life. However, this article also talks about a clinical staging model. The clinical staging model takes a look at how treatment should be staged when dealing with mental health disorders. The example given specifically is of psychotic disorders. From what I understand about this clinical staging model it has a benefit of laying out all of the pieces for treatment and intervention including defined clinical stages.

Counselors and the clinical staging model | Counseling Today


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