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Human Experience and Equality

A human’s experience is like a tree.

A human’s experience is like a tree. When I learned about the Gesell Institute and refer to any work I have done at Vanderkamp Center the main focus of these organizations has been developmental theory. A human being only grows at a rate driven by their biology and sometimes social situations allowing for something known as motivation. Like a tree humans are rooted in the soil they have grown (their environment) and if their environment doesn’t promote growth as effectively or as needed to proper growth the tree will still grow but it’s roots will be grounded in something unstable. By helping and walking with someone as they grow developmentally you are able to help ensure there is some solid ground for the individual to take root in.

These roots will affect how they react to situations such as wind (Physical Obstacles), rain (Unintentional comments and similar language), and erosion (Bad Self-Concept or Cultural Differences). In these scenarios the tree or individual has the ability to stand tall and take what is placed in front of them. Why would we want anyone to not have satisfaction with how their life is going? Why would we want anyone to be not as accepted as we would like to be accepted?

Equality takes self awareness

These questions lead me into the idea of equality taking self awareness. Whether we are concious of them or not there are prejudices that can be beneficial and some are harmful. One of my professors mentioned that it’s good that we have a prejudice of not wanting to use a damaged can at the grocery store (a survival skill). However, are prejudices towards someone who is 75? or thinking that since your a child you don’t know anything? These don’t seem to be survival skills. What other prejudices do we have that may actually be survival skills? or are we (society) not having enough self awareness of our beliefs?

These are thoughts of the day. Hope you find something in them and potentially respond to them.


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