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How Does Counseling Work?

I was scrolling through various discussions on Linkedin the other day and ran into the question, “How does counseling work?” I took the opportunity to reply with the following comment:

“Counseling works through the therapeutic relationship as this discussion thread has pointed out multiple times. How does the therapeutic relationship bring new understanding and perspective I think is a more challenging question. I say more challenging because I try to think about when counseling was not a profession and the first person who opened their doors saying, “Come on in, Let’s Talk.” Humans are social beings we like to have our share of human communication the trouble is we do not always have the outlet in our own social circles to bring out all those specific troubles and anxieties that are happening in our lives. As a result, counseling brings our client and ourselves the opportunity to separate from the everyday communications. We let our conversations and our experiences take precedence in session so that we are both able to learn. The client about their understanding of their problem, and for ourselves a better understanding and appreciation for our need to be beings of a social nature”

What I realized after writing out this comment and hitting submit was that this is my foundational understanding of why I want to be a counselor. The social nature of being human. If i saw no benefit in interacting with other humans through conversation, teaching, and workshops I would not enjoy my summers at Vanderkamp, summers at Lake Chatauqua Lutheran Center, volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America, or been able to take on any of the leadership roles that I have over the years. Being social is the basis for human interaction and experience. Why wouldn’t I want to help others have the best view of life they can?


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